The documentation resources from the center are shared here.

Patient Care Documents

# Document PDF Editable document Version Date
1 Homecare Consent Form (English) 01-July-2023
2 Homecare Consent Form (Telugu) 01-July-2023
3 Homecare First Visit Form 01-July-2023
4 Homecare Symptom Assessment ESAS Form 01-July-2023
5 IP Admission Form 01-July-2023
6 IP Admission Assessment ESAS Form 01-July-2023
7 IP Doctor Notes 01-July-2023
8 IP Medication Chart 01-July-2023
9 IP Monitoring SOS Chart 01-July-2023
10 IP Nurse Notes 01-July-2023
11 IP Morphine Trial Chart 20-October-2023
12 IP Lymphedema Chart 24-February-2024
13 IP Physiotherapy Chart 24-March-2024
14 Ascitic Tapping Consent Form (English) 28-May-2024
15 Ascitic Tapping Consent Form (Telugu) 28-May-2024
16 Drugs and Surgicals List 08-July-2023
17 Narcotic Drugs List 08-July-2023

SSSPCC Center information

# Document PDF
1 APMC (Clinical Establishment License)
2 Drug License - Form 20 (Normal Drugs)
3 Drug License - Form 21 (schedule C, C1)
4 Drug License - Form NDPS-2
5 PCB Biomedical Waste Authorisation
6 Biomedical Waste Contract
7 Fire Safety NOC